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RVM  filM

RVM Film Consulting assists clients in achieving project goals

and bringing their visions to life.

Scope of Work


Coaching/mentoring entertainment industry professionals and people entering the industry. 
Career, projects, and personal development


Consulting/working on film productions and projects.

Higher Ed Consulting

Higher Ed Consulting with university film departments - Development, curriculum, production equipment,  packages, faculty development and searches

Please contact me for fee structure.


Rebecca has been an incredible friend and such a caring and insightful mentor to me over the years. She has an amazing ability to identify and encourage strengths in me and identify opportunities where those strengths can be utilized and grown. And she just as importantly has had loving insights and advice on my blind spots and needed improvements as well. With her work in film, education, pastoring, and even entrepreneurial ventures, she can speak in an incredibly holistic way to so many of the career and life challenges we experience as creatives in the film industry, and I feel very blessed to know her and count her a friend.

--David J. Turner, editor Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound, sound editor Fruitvale Station, ACE Eddie-nominated film editor, CAS award-winning sound mixer, member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors, 23 Telly Award-winning documentary director, adjunct film professor at USC; LAFSC alumnus


  • God’s Home Number, Mojo Monkeys (music video), (producer) 2013,

  • Cold (short), (executive producer) 2007 – Jury Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, 2007 168 Film Festival, Glendale, California.

  • Short Term 12 (feature film), (thanks) 2013 – 36 awards, 70 nominations, Director/Writer Daniel Destin Cretton

     Awards: SXSW, Chicago Film Critics Assn, Los Angeles Film Fest, National               Board of Review, and others

  • The Interview, (short), (thanks) 2011 – 9 awards, Grand Prize, USA Film Festival
    Director Michelle Steffes

  • Sudden Death! (short), (thanks) 2010 – 11 awards, 6 nominations

  • Maxwell (short), (the producers wish to thank) 2013

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